Saturday, October 17, 2009

Witch dress

These aren't the most amazing pictures of this dress, but they're enough to show how adorable this fabric is. It's very vintage-looking witches and looks adorable with black pants, jeans, or these cute orange and black striped tights (from Target). It also looks VERY cute with a black shirt layered underneath now that the cold has kicked in. I have some of this fabric at my house ready to be made into a pillowcase dress or shirt for your little one (or you). They are $25 each.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tutus Galore

Wouldn't you LOVE a sweet little custom tutu for your princess? Maybe one in your favorite team's colors to wear on gameday? One in your (or her) favorite color for dressing-up? Or maybe even one like a ladybug, bumblebee, tinkerbell, etc. for Halloween? These custom-made tutus are ADORABLE and can be made in any colors and size you like.

A "Big Girl" tutu (which is too big for my little one, really, but I needed a model).
If your princess isn't a onesie wearer, they look great with leggings and a t-shirt as well. :)

They're great for special occassions or just everyday play!